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Welcome to our on line shop, the company of Dimitris Diakonikolas, which specializes in retail through mail or the internet. It is officially recognized as an electronic shop and has its registered office at 34 Valetsiou Street, Keratsini, VAT No. 116750865, Piraeus Tax Office, telephone number: +302104009122, e-mail:, offers you its services under the terms set out below, which all visitors / users of the website should read carefully, and proceed to using the website and its services only after accepting these. These terms apply to the entirety of the website, and include all content, web pages, graphics, pictures and photographs, and all other elements appearing on the website.
If a user does not agree with any of the terms of use, he/she should send an e-mail in the following address:, before proceeding with any transaction. The acceptance of the terms in any other case is unconditional.


Our site reserves the right to modify and renew in writing these terms without prior warning.We aim the best possible service during access to the services of our shop and more specifically in the search, hire and/or purchase of products.
In case of a typographical error of a product or the pricing information, an instant briefing will be provided to the customer, upon its realization. If this happens and the customer has already purchased the product, we provide these alternatives; a) Proceed with the purchase of the corrected item b) A full refund of the money the customer has given.


All product prices listed on our site are on euro currency and are inclusive of VAT.
These prices shall refer to products and quantities that are available at our warehouse and we  reserve the right to adjust prices without any notification, according to the Vat changes.


The completion of your order can be fulfilled via:

1. Cash on delivery, applies only if the product costs less than 360 (three hundred sixty) euros.
If the total of the payment is estimated to be more than 360 euros, the option of a cash delivery is not accepted, and will be carried out through a deposit at the company’s bank account.
2. Deposit of the required amount at our company’s bank account number  IBAN: GR1701403970397002002002143 at any branch of the ALPHA BANK. Following the deposit, the customer must send the receipt to the the company’s email: The receipt has to be sent within 5 working days from the placement of the order.
3. Through Paypal.
4. By credit card (Visa, Master Card, Maestro, American Express,Diners) or using online payment through Alpha e-Commerce website


If the products of the order are available in our warehouse, they will be delivered to our associate shipping company to be sent within 3 working days from the placement of your order. If the products are not in stock, the presumed time of their manufacturing is estimated to be 10 days.
The shipping of your order can take place in a different address  than your stated residence, if you request it.
Your personal data must be valid, as our company has no other way to know them.
Shipping in Greece is taking place in association with the company Geniki Taxydromiki. The approximate time of the delivery in mainland is 1-2 working days, whereas in more remote or difficult accessible regions and the Greek islands is 2 – 3 working days.
Shipping within Greece is free.
Shipping to other countries is carried out through Hellenic Post. The time frame of the delivery in that case is usually 5-7 working days.
For orders that are shipped outside Greece, the shipping costs are 15 (fifteen) euros, for each pair. If the total amount of the order is more than 400 (four hundred), the shipping costs are free.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return the product and we will replace it with another one of at least equal cost. You must return it within 14 (fourteen) days, starting from the day of the delivery.
The customer must notify in written and on time our company through email:, mentioning the reason of the return.
Returns will only be accepted if the product is returned to the company in its original packaging, in satisfactory condition and with the receipt that came with it.
The returns will go to this address:
Dimitris Diakonikolas
34 Valetsiou
It is necessary for the customer to send an e-mail at, after the return of the products, mentioning the tracking number of the return and his/her wish of product replacement or refund.
All returns must be carried out through Registered Post.
The customer is liable for all shipping costs, and if we find the product in a satisfactory condition, a refund will be made to the customer within a logical time frame.
In the event of an error in the delivery (wrong number or design), the company will pay the shipping cost of the return.


Our web site,, under no circumstances, including negligence, is responsible for any damage suffered by the visitor/user of pages, services, choices and content of the shop, which might occur from errors, omissions, or loss of data while using the website, in which he engages by his own initiative and with the knowledge of the terms and conditions.
Our company is not responsible for the damages that might occur from the completion or non completion of the order, or for their delivery in the event of a Force Majeure.
Our company does not guarantee the availability of the products, but does guarantee the valid and continuous briefing of the customers/consumers, when possible, for the availability of certain products.
Our website, does not guarantee that the pages, the services, the options and the contents will be provided without interruptions, errors or that they will be fixed immediately. Furthermore, we do not guarantee that the servers via which these services are placed at your disposal, are provided free of viruses or other harmful elements.


All the contents of the shop, including pictures, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts provided, constitute intellectual property and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions and conditions or copyrights of third parties, which our company has secured exclusively for its operation. It is forbidden to recreate, copy, sell, resell and/or exploit commercially in any way all or part of the content of the shop. None of these can be, in all or part sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished or “loaded”, transmitted or distributed in any way, unless the company agrees. The names, pictures, logos, any other characteristics that describe the electronic shop with the logo or its products and services of the company or third parties, are protected by Law. Their use in the Electronic Shop does not allow in any case the right of their use to other parties.


Applicable Law

For any change that might occur concerning the function and the use of the website, provided that its solution is not possible, will be dealt through the Athens Court of Justice. For any change concerning the application of the existing terms and conditions, as well as any other issue concerning the use of the Electronic Shop, falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens, Greece.
Terms of Use Change
The shop reserves the right to alter the terms of this contract which, as it is posted on the website, is deemed to be accessible by all users / customers at all times, without prior warning. All users are obliged to be informed on their own.
Terms Acceptance
As a visitor/customer, by accepting the present terms and by navigating through our website, you declare being legally capable of forming a contract and making use of the online shop under the terms and conditions reported here.

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