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“Of Pallas Athena, glorious goddess, first I sing, the steely-eyed, resourceful one with implacable heart,

the reverend virgin, city-savior, doughty one, Tritogeneia”

The thrilling journey to completion.

The small victories and defeats.

The dedication to one aim.

The strategy of each step.

The eternal process of asking for more.

The collection ‘Athena’ inspired from the ancient goddess and her symbol, the olive, urges us to claim a personal fulfillment while aiming for victory.

Sandals designed in simple and powerful lines that aspire confidence and strength, while the symbol of victory can be seen in the cut out patterns as its reminder.

The color palette is inspired from the greek olive groves, their golden green leaves and the ground.

The collection ‘Athena’ is dedicated to all women whose actions and words inspire us in this journey.

Photography: Nikolas Tsakris
Model: Dominika Robak
Make up: Anthi Bitha
Special thanks to: Falf Minimal Chic and Grand for the clothes.

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